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I'm a 29-year-old New Yorker who inherited this site from my pal, Holly P., to document the final year of my twenties. Right up until I turn the big 3-0 next January, I'll use this blog to indulge my inner-narcissist by voicing the good (I can date men anywhere from ages 21 to 50 without it being scandalous) the bad (I keep getting ma'amed) and the ugly (is it possible to get cellulite on your stomach?!). Here's to waving goodbye to my youth, accepting adulthood and remembering that every ending is really just a new beginning.
the photo for November 17, 2007
DAY 292  |  November 17, 2007
I got to live out one of my fantasies this Saturday night: I had not one, but two dates! And rather than needing to double-book in a single night, I had Ďem both at the same time. Ha! All of Bryant and Daryllís friends happened to be out of town this weekend, so the three of us went out together. Here are some of the perks of having two male escorts:

1. You never have to buy yourself a drink. Yah for chivalry!

2. Creepy men donít hit on you because youíve got the added protection of two bodyguards.

3. If you get bored with one dateís conversation, you can start a different one with the other guy (not that Iíd ever get bored of either Bryant or Daryllóever!).

4. When your date starts to talk about sports, you donít have to make an effort to keep your eyes from glazing over and pretend to listen politely because the other guy probably actually caresóso youíre free to go play with the juke box!

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