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I'm a 29-year-old New Yorker who inherited this site from my pal, Holly P., to document the final year of my twenties. Right up until I turn the big 3-0 next January, I'll use this blog to indulge my inner-narcissist by voicing the good (I can date men anywhere from ages 21 to 50 without it being scandalous) the bad (I keep getting ma'amed) and the ugly (is it possible to get cellulite on your stomach?!). Here's to waving goodbye to my youth, accepting adulthood and remembering that every ending is really just a new beginning.
the photo for July 31, 2007
DAY 183  |  July 31, 2007
Sometimes itís hard for me to sleep. Rather than stare at the ceiling while creating a mental to-do list, Iím forcing myself to go outside on my patio and get back into meditating. Clearing my over-active mind is always a challenge, but once I accomplish this, something weird happens: I feel more energized on less shut-eye. Iím not sure why, but it happens almost every single time I manage to focus my mind. I just hope my new roommate doesnít catch me out there with my prayer beads in the middle of the night and realize Iím nuts. Itís too early in our roommate relationship for that!
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