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I'm a 29-year-old New Yorker who inherited this site from my pal, Holly P., to document the final year of my twenties. Right up until I turn the big 3-0 next January, I'll use this blog to indulge my inner-narcissist by voicing the good (I can date men anywhere from ages 21 to 50 without it being scandalous) the bad (I keep getting ma'amed) and the ugly (is it possible to get cellulite on your stomach?!). Here's to waving goodbye to my youth, accepting adulthood and remembering that every ending is really just a new beginning.
the photo for February 15, 2007
DAY 17  |  February 15, 2007
An anti-aging secret? Get thee to a nunnery! (Sorry, I had to). We visited the Kay Mar Tha Ka Nunnery where I met this woman who joined when she was nine years old. Though today she looks like a teenager, she’s actually 41 years young. Geez, I look haggard after just one morning of waking up before dawn to watch the monks collect food from villagers during their daily alms. But these ladies wake up every morning at 3:30 to study Buddhism, meditate and prepare food given to them by the community. Apparently, their stay-young trick includes lots of hard work. Um, I’ll take the wrinkles if it means I can have fun in the sun.

Our tour guide explained that it’s mandatory for Burmese boys to be novice monks and live at a monastery for at least a week because they’re believed to be sons of Buddha. Girls, on the other hand, join the nunnery by choice because they’re not daughters of Buddha but only “keepers of morality.” And you thought your job was tough!

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